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SiliconNet EC is a Payment Gateway service (the Service), established, provided and maintained by SiliconNet Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (SNT) to act as a conduit to link the merchant whom you are purchasing products and/or services to the Bank whose credit card you are using to pay for the aforesaid products and/or services.

1 Acceptance of Terms

By using the Service, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed with the terms and conditions for the use of the Service herein stipulated.

2 Privacy of Information

You acknowledge and agree that in using the Service you will unavoidably disclose certain of your personal information which you may regard as private and confidential information to SNT. SNT undertakes to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of such information and SNT shall not rent, sell or otherwise make available to any third party for any reason whatsoever any of such personal information or any other information that personally identifies you, your Payment Account or payments you make through the Service, other than to provide the Service or to comply with applicable laws or regulations, or court orders or unless you otherwise expressly agree.

3 Disclaimer of Warranties and Liability for Damages

You are aware and agree that SNT, in hosting and managing the Service, provides no warranties nor accepts any liabilities for any loss or damages whatsoever due to or arising out of use of the Service, except as specifically provided herein or as may be imposed by any applicable law.

Without prejudice to the generality of the above term, neither SNT nor any of SNT?s employees agents or representatives involved in the provision of the Service shall be liable for loss or damages, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages whatsoever (including, but not limited to, damages for lost profits, disclosure of confidential information, or loss of privacy), arising out of, or in any way related to the use of, or inability to use the Service, even if SNT or the Merchant has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event shall SNT be liable for any act or omission of any third party (such as, your Bank, any Merchant, or any provider of telecommunications services, Internet access or computer equipment or software) or any circumstances beyond our control (such as hacking of your computer system or corruption thereof due to virus, fire, flood or other natural disaster, war, riot, strike, act of civil or military authority, equipment failure, computer virus, or failure or interruption of electrical, telecommunications or other utility services); PROVIDED ALWAYS THAT in the event of any breakdown or interruption of the Service, SNT?s liability shall be limited solely to the restoration of the Service as soon as possible.

4 Legality of Transactions

You agree to ensure that all transactions conducted by you using the Service shall be legal transactions and that in the event that you use the Service for any illegal transactions, you will bear full responsibility therefor and shall indemnify SNT fully safe against any charges prosecutions fines or any other form of punitive action that may be taken by the relevant authorities.

5 Governing Laws

In all matters concerning or related to the maintenance and use of the Service relevant Malaysian laws and regulations shall apply and in the case of any dispute arising therefrom, you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Malaysian courts.

6 Waiver

No delays or omission by us in exercising any rights or remedies provided herein will impair such right or remedy or be construed as waiver of any such right or remedy. If we exercise any right or remedy, in whole or in part, that exercise will not prevent us from any further or future exercise of such right or remedy or any other right or remedy. No waiver will be valid unless in writing signed by us.

7 Charge Back

In the event of any dispute between you and the merchant, it is your responsibility to contact the merchant directly for any refund, if applicable . You specifically agree that payments made cannot be charged back to SNT.

8 Amendments

The terms of services herein may be added to, deleted or amended by SNT at its sole discretion at any time. You will be deemed to have had notice of any such additions, deletions or amendments upon the posting thereof on the SNT Web site at

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