ePayNow is an online payment gateway that provides your customers with all the flexibility of being able to shop and pay online while enhancing the branding of your business with an individualised identity for your payment gateway. It is designed for merchants from various sectors and industries to allow online transaction using credit cards and bank direct debiting.

It enables you to express your business with an individually branded online payment facility on your own website without the need to worry about the upfront costs required to build your own online payment system or the security challenges that come from dealing with online payments. Transactions are carried out securely either by bank direct debit from a customer’s bank accounts or via credit cards.

Benefits and Features

  • Secure transactions
  • Low pricing plan
  • Real time payment status
  • 24/7 technical and back end support
  • Individualized payment gateway
  • Speedy revenue collection
  • Wide business reach
  • Multiple payment channels
  • Fraud protected and SSL encrypted
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Fast and easy to deploy