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This document contain information on Accessibility Help for Screen Reader Users. We will continuously improve our services base on actual feedback from our users.
Our simplified version of PayBillsMalaysia which allow user to view and pay their bill is at

Content :

1. Brief Introduction to PayBillsMalaysia

2. Registration as a user

3. Subscribing for Bills

4. Viewing and Paying of bills

1. Brief Introduction to PayBillsMalaysia

PayBillsMalaysia is an internet web portal operated by SiliconNet Technologies SNT, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sarawak Information Systems SAINS. This web portal allows users to subscribe, get and pay their bills online.

The billers available in PayBillsMalaysia include Sarawak Electricity Corporation (SESCo), all water utililies and councils in Sarawak.

To use the service there are 2 things that you have to do at PayBillsMalaysia

      1. Register as a user

      2. Subscribe for their Bills

This registrations need to be done once only and after that you would be able to get your bills online every month.

To pay your bills, you need to have an Internet Banking Account. There are 10 banks with connection to PayBillsMalaysia including RHB Bank, MayBank, CIMB.

End of Section 1

2. Registration as a user

To register as a user :

Go to the website :

Select link “ free sign up”

In the next Page

Agree to the Terms & Conditions

In the next page

Fill in the Sign Up form and submit it. You would need to key in information like Username, Password and some other particulars.

An email will be send to you.

End of Section 2

3. Subscribing for Bills

Go to the website :

Log into the website with your Username and Password

wait for the page to load up

Select link All Billers

Page will reload.

Select the biller you want

Agree to the biller's Terms if any

In the next page, fill in the required information like consumer number and name and submit.

An email will be send to you.

Notes : For some billers like Kuching Water Board, you may be able to get your bill immediately while some billers will only process within 3 working days.

For your information, PayBillsMalaysia have 2 types of billers.

The first is “Billers with Presentment” like SESCo, KWB, MBKS, DBKU & MPP where user will be able to get their bills online and pay. The bills will content the same information as the printed bill delivered to their home or office.

The second is "Billers without Presentment" where PayBillsMalaysia do not have the bill information like Telekom, TMnet and Yayasan Sarawak Study Loan. User could still pay but they have to key in the amount they want to pay. No bill information like amount due is available.

End of Section 3

4. Viewing and Paying of bills

There is a simplified version of PayBillsMalaysia which allow user to view and pay their bills. This site will provide easier navigation to screen reader users. The website is at

Go to the website

Log in with your Username and Password

In the next page, there are 3 links

i) Bill Payment will list all the Bills you have subscribed with details like due date and amount.

ii) Open Payment allows user to pay bills they have not subscribed

iii) Payment Status allow you to check the status of the payment you make.

To Pay your Bills

Select Bill Payment

Select the Biller you want

Select the Bill you want to pay

Select the Payment Channel you want to use

On submission, it will connect to the bank you have choosen and you need to complete the authorisation process in the bank window. This include your Internet Banking Username and Password and also other security check the bank may have.


For further assistance or queries on PayBillsMalaysia, please call 082-234008 and ask for PayBillsMalaysia. Please inform our personnel that you are a Screen Reader Users so that we could better assist you.

This document was last update on 02 July 2014

by Hua Thong